15-31=10-6x32.JPG (828840 bytes)  10-6x32a.JPG (417897 bytes)  10-6x32b.JPG (366261 bytes)  15-15=10-6x32.JPG (372147 bytes)  15-19=PMx32.JPG (417390 bytes)    eoax32.JPG (374540 bytes) 

All of the thumbnail images above are of seedlings that came from pollen of SHARIN' THE SECRET. The first four are from seedling 10-6, a baby of IDA MAE NORRIS. They demonstrate the variations possible in that line. We suspect that several will be introductions but we will need more time to look at the plant habits before any decisions are made.

The fourth image is of a result that surprised us. We do not breed for unusual forms but when we see a good one it would be foolish to not pay attention to it. The flower is almost always clearly in the unusual form camp. This one has charmed us in a way that most we have seen in that category have not.

The fifth image shows a baby of our PEARLY MAE which clearly telegraphs that the abundant use of PM over the last two seasons will likely pay off with results we will welcome.

The green in the sixth image is clearly due in part to the use of EVIDENCE OF ALIENS as the pod parent. That intensity of green has real place in the garden, helping to emphasize the others colors and adds to the clarity of the overall bloom.




             10-6x13-9.JPG (341783 bytes)

This is a seedling crossing 10-6 x 13-9. The first is a baby of IDA MAE NORRIS and the second is out of MY CUP OVERFLOWS. The size is what attract us as it runs toward 10 inches. 




   15-8a.JPG (382605 bytes)    12-16x32.JPG (358276 bytes)

These two seedlings are out of BRYAN'S SONG crossed with SECRET ARSENAL in the first case and SHARIN' THE SECRET in the second image. Both illustrate what we are going for in expanded throats. The second seedling is more in line with the wide open form without roll back we seek. 




15-6=decpersximn.JPG (365397 bytes)   

This is seedling 15-6 which came as a surprise as the seed was a gift from our friend, Daniel Robarts. We did not expect such a pleasing veined daylily to result from this cross. In our experience this is one of the most esthetically satisfying veined diploids. It may be a future intro if the plant continues to perform the way we observed in the summer of 2015. The cross is DOCTOR PRESCRIBED and IDA MAE NORRIS. It might be fun to see what a veined plant carrying IMN blood might do crossed into our larger, SE lines. It is always an adventure! This is now registered as IN A CHEERFUL VEIN



15-7=ss-06-1.JPG (364828 bytes)    1533=SSx06-1.JPG (495363 bytes)   

Departing again from our mainline efforts these two siblings from Kim McCutcheon's SALLY SUE were quite eye catching in the 2015 seedling patch. While we do not concentrate on the narrower forms, these caught us with the startling contrasts between the large throats and the base colors of the petals. Both were quite large and quite pleasing. 



eoax32.JPG (374540 bytes)

A cross of our EVIDENCE OF ALIENS and SHARIN' THE SECRET yielded this very green seedling with promise of deepening the green in future babies. There are a number of us that are convinced that green is the secret to unlocking the clarity of color in daylilies as well as the ability to express the color blue. 




15-14=sightx13-5.JPG (442122 bytes)


A seedling of IDA MAE NORRIS crossed with out SIGHT FOR MORE EYES gave this very nice eyed edged in the dip lines. It is so pleasing overall that we needed to show this one as well. Who knows if it will shake out to be of introductory quality. But is great to see what lies under the surface of the fine SIGHT FOR MORE EYES. We will have to admit that we have not used SFME in breeding the way we might have. As soon as we saw this one that changed!




15-19=PMx32.JPG (417390 bytes)


Although breeding for the rolled back, bagel form is not a primary focus, this one exemplifies a very special look that needs to draw some attention. It is our paragon of plant quality, PEARLY MAE, that gave this result when crossed, of course, SHARIN' THE SECRET. I do not know which one to tout the more, PM or STS. They both are excellent plants and superior breeders for the kind of looks that we seek. 




15-27=13-16x06-1.JPG (357297 bytes) 

Saving the best 'til last is what we feel we have done here. The beauty is a cross of our MARTHA EDSON NORRIS and the one we have featured on the opening page of the website, 13-16. This is an early hint of the breeding potential in that exotic seedling. A breeding potential we could not have forecast. We would have surmised that the babies would go in some other direction from this cross. What a pleasant surprise this one was. It is one of those rare seedlings that telegraph, "I am an introduction." 

We showed this seedling last Sunday at a presentation to the Metropolitan Columbus Daylily Society. When the slide went up there was a gasp followed by a murmur throughout the audience. Numerous people came up to us following the presentation wanting to talk about this one. I cross my fingers that the quality of the plant will be commensurate with beauty of the blossom.   



Yes, we still do tets!


T15-4=0-8x2-8.JPG (410789 bytes)


The crossing of OVERNIGHT FLIGHT with a seedling gave this most special baby. My assistant/protégé/apprentice, Crystal Richmond has never paid much attention to the eyed/edged tets that have drawn my attention for so long. However when this one bloomed she could not stop talking about it. Since she has seen 20,000 to 25,000 eyed edged seedlings here over the course of the seven summers here and never paid much attention to any others, that may indicate how special this one is. There is a glaze on T15-4 that is the glaze found on only the finest porcelain. The icing on the cake is a fast increasing plant with good buds and branching with the extra bonus of instant rebloom. This one has to be an almost certain introduction. It's that good! This seedling is now introduced as ENDURING CHARM.




T15-8=instcel-tSExverthoorz-tSE.JPG (444437 bytes) 


Another seedling that was hybridized by the phenomenal Dan Robarts. He crossed two of his which were from tet SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE. One was Instant Celebration by tet SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE. The other was Vertical Horizon by tet SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE. None of the seedlings from this cross were what we might have guessed would come out of the cross, but that does not matter. We have lined this one out with the hopes that it is worthy of introduction. With two rounds of tet SE it carries enough special genetic potential for us to focus a bit on what it can bring to the table. we are awaiting further evaluation to determine if this one willl be introduced.